University Owned Vehicles

Image of a motor fleet carSeveral departments at the university own their own state vehicles.  Employees that use those vehicles must be approved through driver verification checks by either Human Resources in order to drive the vehicles.

Departments are responsible for maintaining appropriate service for these vehicles.  Please try to use the University garage for maintenance.

Driver Verification

Human Resources provides driver verification for all employees. Please send all request to

Driver verification requirements:

  1. Valid drivers license
  2. Submission of driver history (out of state driver history must be uploaded to driver verification database)
  3. Hard copy driver verification forms not accepted

Steps to get access to Driver Verification database (DRV)

  1. Department head must send email to requesting need and who they would like to have access as their department representative
  2. P&T central motor pool personnel will then create and/or grant access to the departments folder on the DRV shared piratedrive.
  3. The department rep will then upload all required  information on DRV spreadsheet in their folder on DRV shared piratedrive.


Where and How to Get Gas for University Owned Vehicles 

All university owned state vehicles should be fueled with Unleaded Regular gas ONLY, with one exception. Vehicles designated as Alternative Fuel Vehicles (has an AFV sticker on one of the vehicle windows) can be fueled with E-85, when available.

Please use the following instructions when fueling the vehicle.

Option 1: Using ECU Gas Pumps

The ECU gas pump pro-key. The pro-key is identified by a brass tag attached to the key which is stamped with ECU and the vehicle number (be advised that the NCDOT pro-key is a separate key and does not have ECU stamped on it). This pro-key can only be used at ECU gas pumps, located at the FS/Steam Plant on 14th Street (East Campus) and at the Health Sciences FS/Utilities Plant on North Campus Loop (West Campus).

How to use the pro-key for ECU gas pumps:

  1. Insert key into the Key Reader slot at the Gas Pump terminal.
  2. Enter the ID number on the tag when prompted for an ID number.
  3. Type in the vehicle’s odometer reading and press Enter. If prompted to re-enter odometer reading, repeat this step.
  4. When prompted remove the key and re-insert into Key Reader slot.
  5. Type the Pump Number when prompted and press Enter.

Option 2: Using the Credit Card 

The University vehicle-assigned credit card, typically placed in the glove box can be used at most major commercial gas stations.

How to use the Vehicle Gas Credit Card:

  1. DO NOT PREPAY for gas with this card!! You are not allowed to accept any change if you do not fill the tank to the extent of the prepaid amount. If the situation is urgent and the card cannot be used properly, then personal funds can be used and the traveler reimbursed at cost by the state of NC. ProCard may only be used by those authorized to use for Travel.
  2. DO NOT USE this card to pay for fuel for any other vehicle except for the one to which it is assigned!!
  3. We advise that you use a Pay-at-Pump gas pump.
  4. Swipe the card. The card is neither credit nor debit, so do not choose either option. The terminal should proceed to the next step without an additional input.
  5. You will be prompted to enter 2 different numbers, and they may be requested in any order:
    • An Identification Number – vehicle number as assigned by Motor Fleet Management. Do not press Enter unless prompted, it should automatically proceed.
    • The current odometer reading. Press Enter if needed.
  6. If an issue occurs, the station attendant MAY be able to help you. More often, this is not the case. Plan ahead so that if an issue were to occur, that you have the ability to go to a different gas station if needed.

Option 3: NCDOT Gas Pumps

NCDOT gas pump pro-key. The pro-key is identified by an ID tag attached to the key which is stamped with numbers identifying the vehicle (be advised that the ECU gas pro-key also has ECU stamped on it do designate it as a separate key). This pro-key can be used at NC Department of Transportation gas pumps located throughout the state of North Carolina. Locations are detailed in area maps located inside the NC Motor Fleet Management regulations manual in the glove compartment of the vehicle. The manual can also be found at the NC Motor Fleet Management website . Utilizing one of these pumps should be your first fueling choice when available.

How to use the pro-key:

  1. Insert key into the Key Reader slot on the Gas Pump terminal.
  2. If prompted for an ID number – Enter the last four digits of the license plate number.
  3. Enter the current mileage when prompted.
  4. If there are multiple pumps, a pump number may need to be entered.
  5. Some pumps may be designated as E-85. If the vehicle is an Alternative Fuel Vehicle, please use the E-85 pump to fuel the vehicle.